Texas License to Carry

(formerly Concealed Handgun License)

This is the class you need to help you carry safely and legally both openly and concealed in Texas. The class runs four to six hours and is followed immediately by a shooting proficiency demonstration.

The class starts at 9 a.m. on the day advertised. As a venue, I am using a private, indoor range and classroom in the Upper Valley off Westside Drive. It is a private range, not open to the public. I provide easy to follow directions as you register and we get close to the event. The owner does not wish the address to be publicized and only makes it available to instructors. 

The classroom session generally runs a bit over four hours and ends with a 25-question quiz. No one who has taken my class has ever missed more than three questions – provided they are fluent in English. You can miss seven questions and still pass; so, not to worry about the test. In fact, you likely could pass the test just using common sense. However, some issues are not intuitive and you will not be aware of related Texas laws that could get you in felony trouble unless you know them. You may find it helpful to take notes. I will need your driver’s license information in advance as part of the file I am now required to keep on you for six years.

PLEASE NOTE: In anticipation, you will pass the course, I prepare certificates of completion in advance and present them to you immediately on completion of the course. If you do not provide me with this information beforehand, you cannot get the certificate immediately on completion of the course.


I charge $85 for the classroom and shooting proficiency test. But that is not the only fee.

The owner of the range collects $10 for use of the classroom and range. The State of Texas collects an application fee of $40 (down from $140 until recently) unless you have a discount (it is free for active-duty military).

And, lastly, there is a $10 fingerprinting fee paid to the Texas government contractor, Identigo. So, all in, with no discounting, you are looking at a max of $145.

The certificates you get from me are good for two years. However, if you start and do not complete your DPS application, it will expire in 90 days and you will lose any information entered and any payment made to the DPS. And you must then begin the DPS part of the process all over.


Depending on the number of students and their experience, the shooting test and range instruction can usually be done in an hour or so, depending on the number of students. While it is possible for a first-time shooter to take and pass the test, it better, safer, and more valuable to you if you take a basic handgun safety course and get some practice with your handgun before taking the Texas exam. The test is timed; so, if you are not familiar with loading and handling your handgun, passing the shooting proficiency might be difficult.

CAUTION: You must be able to operate your pistol with confidence. If you have a semi-automatic handgun that jams three times during the proficiency test, on the third malfunction you will be asked to change guns or withdraw from the class. I will test you again at no charge once you have resolved the problems with the gun.

I offer and am certified to teach the NRA basic pistol course and NRA Home Firearm Safety courses — if you want either of those as preparation for additional coursework. I also do a non-NRA certified short course that runs about half a day covering the basics for beginning shooters. The latter would include a look at various types of pistols, ammunition, stance, grip, discovering your dominant eye and sight alignment.

If you take any of those courses with me, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t have a problem with the License to Carry shooting proficiency test and that you will be much safer and more confident with a firearm. The LTC shooting proficiency test is not difficult. However, it is designed for you to demonstrate you can safely operate a handgun and that you have the dexterity and skill to safely load, unload, and shoot multiple times. The LTC course is NOT designed to teach beginners how to shoot. I will explain how the test works and is scored in detail during the class.

For the shooting proficiency test, as of September 1, 2017, LTC applicants may use a.22 caliber or larger handgun. A .22 is a good choice if you are not too familiar with pistol shooting. The recoil and noise are quite limited and the ammo is the least expensive of all. Fifty rounds of ammunition are required for the test. The handgun can be either a revolver or a semi-automatic. You also need to bring ear and eye protection. If you do not own a handgun, or would like to try another gun, I rent several handguns and I can provide appropriate ammunition. For further information on handgun rentals, please click on that section of the website.

If you have not purchased a handgun but are planning too, I will be happy to discuss some of the best options for you. Some of the local gun stores offer a discount for my students.

When you show up for the class, please do not bring any guns or ammunition into the classroom. Your handgun must be stored in your locked car (always out of sight) during the class. I would prefer that it be unloaded when you arrive so you are NOT coming to the range with a pre-loaded handgun; however, under Texas law, it is legal for you to have a loaded handgun in your car without a license. It must be out of sight, and the car must be locked if you leave it.

After completing both the classroom and shooting proficiency sections of the course I will present you with certificates that you will then submit to the Department of Public Safety as the next step in obtaining your License to Carry. I do not give discounts to the LTC class for bringing additional people. The reason is that while it doesn’t cost anything more to have an extra person sitting in the classroom, there is a fair amount of paperwork processing, liability, and record-keeping that is required of me on behalf of each LTC student.


Also, don’t forget — in anticipation that you will pass, and speed things up on the day of the class, please e-mail or text me a PHOTO OF WITH YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE. That way I can get a jump start on your paperwork and certificates and have them ready to present to you at the range immediately after completing both the classroom and shooting proficiency test. The name on the certificates you receive from me must match your driver’s license exactly or your LTC application will be rejected.

Please feel free to call with questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you and I hope you find the course enjoyable.

Tom Fenton

LTC/CHL Instructor

Cell: (915) 637-5442

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